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Blackberry picking

17 Aug

We went blackberry picking, you and I

The summer after that winter

Where we had been glad to be together

Because the gas bills were so high


We went blackberry picking and saw

More butterflies than ever before

Or since, and there were more fruits

Than men in the city wearing suits


We went blackberry picking, earlier than most

But the weather had been so good and we

Could already see the apples swelling on the tree

So we took our chances, got lucky


We went blackberry picking, with no other aim

Than to fill our boxes and come home again

I took that absurd wicker basket

And you brought the Sonnets


We went blackberry picking, at season’s close

After the Fourth Ice Age and the Great Heatwave

In a temperate August, when the rough winds ceased

And our toes had just about unfreezed.


We went blackberry picking in the local woods

Where the weather first brought us together.

I swore later that I saw you first,

But you said it was you that saw me.


We went blackberry picking, that autumn, too

But there wasn’t much fruit to be had

We made apple pie from Waitrose instead

Which overall, wasn’t too bad.


We went blackberry picking this summer as one

And came home again apart

And the wine-blue berries were nearly as merry

As the hole in my heart was dark