Apologies for absence

16 Dec


I’m sorry. It’s been a while. There are various reasons for this. Rest assured I still love you all and I haven’t forgotten you. Promise.

The truth is, I’ve been beavering away (not like that, you filthy-minded people) on my latest project. I can tell it’s going well because I have been at it now (stoppit!) for a couple of weeks. I am writing something. At the moment, I am writing it to see if I can finish it. Maybe if I think it is any good, I’ll do something with it, but for now it is more of an exercise in perseverance. Anyway, it’s coming along nicely, thanks. I’ve just crept over the 10000 word mark, which I think is pretty reasonable going for under 14 days work.

Other significant things that have occurred:

1) I have discovered The Vagenda (tagline: ‘Like King Lear, but for girls’). It is brilliant and hilarious and reassuring and joyful. It’s like having a daily dose of How to be a Woman just a browser-window away. I’ve worked my way through pretty much every post on there, and now I’m telling everyone I know about it. It is a little bit of reality in a world that is still obsessed with what girls look like and how they should behave. And as a girl who is not very good at looking like one is supposed to according to Closer or Heat or Grazia or whatever, it’s rather pleasant to come across a bunch of people who think the same – hell, who go much, much further. So that has been a ray of sunshine.

2) Hanukah/enforced Christmas. Hanukah has been and gone, now, actually, but I got some pretty awesome stuff from the lovely ‘rents (most of it baking related, but that’s ok because I LOVE BAKING). I haven’t used my new blender or blowtorch or sugar thermometer yet but when I do, baby, it’ll be amazing. Meanwhile, at work, I am encountering increasing incredulity (too much assonance?) every time I have to explain that I’ve never had a Christmas tree or an advent calendar or a string of tinsel (I’m joking about the last one). My boss keeps trying to ‘educate’ me and get me into the Christmas spirit. Which is annoying. I’m not Scrooge – it’s just NOT MY RELIGION. He keeps on saying ‘yeah but Christmas is basically secular anyway’. That doesn’t mean my parents buy a Christmas tree and decorate the house with an extravagant LED display. Sure, there’s no religious reason to do those things. But there’s no secular reason to do them either. Just because everyone else is doing it, there is no obligation on me to participate. And it’s cruel to laugh at me when you make me put up the office Christmas tree because I patently have no idea what I’m doing (apparently you have to chop the end off before you put it in water. I suppose if I thought about it this would seem obvious. But seriously, if it involves a hacksaw, it’s not going to spring immediately to my mind). The whole thing is enough to make me shout BAH HUMBUG TO YOU ALL. Ok. Rant over.

3) I went to London to visit the Queen! Jokes. I went to London to see Emily and Maya (and Michael came too, complete with his comedy reindeer antlers, which he is wearing all over the place these days). We went to Holland Park, which contains the fattest peacocks you ever saw. They must feed on the flesh of unwary tourists or something cos srsly, they are HUGE. And quite menacing. And the squirrels – holy bejeezus, they are scary. They lure you in with their big innocent eyes and their fluffy tails and then you realise there are three of them, and they are following you. Herding you, almost. Anyway, we escaped from the park alive and went for a reviving drink in a nearby pub (winter Pimms! Yes!). A whole day out of the house for me. Excitement abound.

That’s pretty much it for big events, I’m afraid. The next couple of weeks provide much to which to look forward (in the shape of weekends and DAYS OFF and so forth) so I’m sure you’ll hear from me again soon.


Toodles! x


2 Responses to “Apologies for absence”

  1. Guess who! February 14, 2013 at 6:52 pm #

    Don’t forget I forced you to decorate a Christmas tree for the first time prolly near on 10 years ago! I also forced you to toast marshmallows… Oh the joy of secularity!

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