14 Nov

Hullo hullo hullo. I’m back. Didja miss me? I know you did.

It’s been a fairly busy week, believe it or not. I now have a blog that I run from the office, too, which is exciting. Rach came over for dinner yesterday eve and we ate a lot of biscuits and watched some truly dreadful television. Happy days.

Just as I was waiting at the bus stop this evening, I had a phone call from…

Emily! Hooray! We’ve been planning to ‘surprise ring’ each other for about two weeks, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise, but still awesome. We talked for aaaaaages, all the way home (ie over an hour). Happy days. I expect I was one of those people who everyone else on the bus hates, but I hope that I at least provided one half of an amusing conversation. Chats with Emily AND with Rachel in two days? Winning at life.
Mum has gone out this evening, which brings me to the title of this blog.
My sis said, as we were washing up after dinner, ‘have you got a social life this evening? By which I mean, can you do some baking…?’
So all the cookbooks came out (hooray!) and the ingredients (hooray hooray!) and the music went on and the pyjamas were assumed (baking in pyjamas is the best kind of baking) and the recipe was selected. HOORAY!
I made (with expert help from the sis, obvs) caramel chocolate tarts. Like caramel shortbread, but tart-shaped. Yeah, man. And then we ate the spare caramel (there was rather a lot…) with ice cream. Best. Tastesplosion. Ever. Although it did get to the point where sis and I were like… no, can’t eat any more. So I put the rest in a pot in the fridge. Mmmmmmm.
Anyway. Might put a picture up here for you. Might just eat them all first. Now watching Blackadder/Mock the Week with vati so slightly distracted from actually communicating at any length. More soon! xx

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