14 Nov
Hullo folks. I’m back! It’s been a busy few days.
Adam and Alice with bridesmaids and ushers

Aren’t they the cutest? And look in the background – castle! I do love a bit of old stuff. Happy days. Weddings are fun. Everyone looked lovely, especially bride and groom, and everyone had a grand time. We had great fun loafing around the cottage we rented for the weekend (even though Tom made everything smell like smoke thanks to his inability to build and maintain a woodburning stove) and it was SO GOOD (again) to interact with people my age, even in a scenario that might suggest we ought to perhaps act a little bit more grown-up…

We all danced like loons to the live band. I wore a top hat for a significant proportion of the day considering it wasn’t my top hat. I fell over on the same knee twice – it’s very blue now – and the first time I was completely sober. I had an extremely animated conversation about the merits of this season’s Doctor Who with the ineffable Calum. I told Alice how gorgeous she looked at least three times (which is totally allowed and acceptable no matter the quantity of alcohol one may have consumed). Our table laughed much more raucously than anyone else at the best man’s speech, because, let’s face it, most of the jokes were in-jokes anyway. I saved my corsage from my ushering duties. I made fun of Tom’s sunglasses – his gayviators, as they are colloquially known. We all had a great time. An awesome time. And after this one, Laura said she quite liked the idea of getting married after all. So there’s hope for me yet 😉
Beauty and joy and light and happiness.
The next day dawned grey and wet and miserable, but even that couldn’t dampen the mood. I had the vestiges of the fringes of a hangover – you know, where you feel a bit tired and woozy because you’ve stayed up late, rather than the vicious headache you get because you’ve been downing shots for four hours (there were no shots. What must you think of me?). So that was good. We had a lazy start and eventually set off on the drive from Wales to Oxford, getting me to Gloucester Green just in time to get on the penultimate bus from Oxford to Cambridge. I know it’s not the most efficient way of travelling but given that I fell asleep between Bicester and Milton Keynes I probably wouldn’t have been safe driving.
Anyway. When I got home, MICHAEL was in my house. This is Michael. I feel this picture (nicked off facebook) approximately sums him up:
Yeah. He’s fab. Anyway, he’s just started a job at my office (yay!) and he’s currently staying at my house until he finds somewhere to live.
Because we have newbies in the office, mr bossman is on a mission to rejuvenate the office space to fit everyone in with maximum efficiency. He is a scavenger by nature, however, so what this means in real terms is that he has been hunting for desks that have been thrown out by other businesses in the office block in which we work. He goes off with some of the bigger software chaps and comes back with things, which he then has to arrange, tetris-like, around the office until other things have been moved out of the way to accommodate them. Today I turned back to my desk after I had been working somewhere else to discover that I was no longer able to reach said desk, because there was another desk aligned with it. So I sat on the extra desk for a while, to make the point that it was slightly in the way. It has now been moved.
Anyway. Now you are all caught up. More banter to follow. Toodles!

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