14 Nov
Hullo. The title isn’t a mispelling. It’s what the 9yr old Dorothy Parker called her poems. I’m feeling rather in the spirit of Dorothy Parker today, so I’ve had a bash at something in her sort of style (I didn’t spend long on it so it’s not that polished). All criticism thoroughly welcome.
Now, free, modernist and confessional poetry
Seems to me a laborious quest.
Always denying conventionality,
Avoiding rhyme like a plague or a pest,
Stripping words down to their meanings, undressed.
You might say it’s a fashion, or maybe a curse
Different opinions abound north, south, east and west,
But the only way forward must be light verse.
They started attacking traditionality
Those pioneers, Eliot, Pound, HD and the rest
They criticised art, politics and morality,
Theatre, fashion and the cut of one’s vest.
Although their intentions were no less than the best,
They were riven by schism and began to disperse
Now, since the modernist birds have flown from the nest,
The only way forward must be light verse.
In this day and age there are ‘poets’ in quantity
Who churn out dry works with no pith or zest
(there are some who are brimming with charm and hilarity
As Carol Ann Duffy, Seamus Heaney, Anne Carson attest,
Sparkling with life, vigour and the issues addressed
Their language spills out of their minds’ full purse)
They’re a class of their own – and as for the rest,
The only way forward must be light verse.
Prince, consider me serious or speaking in jest
As advice on this goes, I’m sure there’s been worse
Take freedom in poems from all except the best!
The only way forward must be light verse.

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