14 Nov
Slightly unusually, I didn’t write a blog post yesterday. Not, you understand, in order to give you more time to digest my ‘pome’, but because I was actually busy at work. I know, right. I’ve even had quite a lot of stuff to do today. In the immortal words of High School Musical, this could be the start of something new.
I’ve also been preparing for my weekend trip to Oxford in order to read exciting things (exciting for me, anyway) and to meet up with the lovely and thoroughly excellent Alison, who is acting as tutor/supervisor for my Reception project. I’ve already read a lot of exciting things, I should point out – but there are even more in the Bodleian and so that’s where I’m headed. Copyright Libraries for the win. This preparation includes reading, filling in Reader Application forms, obtaining cash and so on. Later I’m going to bake brownies as an office-warming gift and pack up my books and whatnot. I’m leaving very early tomorrow in order to get maximum library time, and because the X5 is so painfully arduous a journey.
The obtaining of this cash produced a bit of trauma earlier. In my organised, killing-two-birds-with-one-stone way, I went to Tesco’s so I could pick up a few bits (chocolate raisins for Laura; milk for the office etc) AND get cash out. Standing at the cash machine I thought ‘I’ll just check my balance’. SHOCK and HORROR abound when I realise I’m a good £530 into my (thankfully free) overdraft, which is a whole £500 less money than I thought I had. Where has this money gone? Who has hacked my account? Have I been irresponsible with my handing out of details? How am I ever going to recover this cash?
Natch, I was frantic. I messaged my dad and got him to find my internet secure key thingmy so I could access my online banking at work. Panicpanicpanic. Log on and – straightaway – realise what a tit I have been. The £500 which has vanished from my account has gone – into my ISA. It’s set up to go out on the last day of the month. Phew.
To add to the happytimes, today is payday. Hooray! It’s so pleasing to be paid ❤
Almost as pleasing is that Wales-Wedding palaver has resolved itself beautifully into a sleeps 5+1 cottage for 2 nights halfway between the church and the reception venue (the aforementioned castle). And because it’s going to work out really quite cheap after all, I can even afford to obtain a new dress. I’m going to drag Laura out shopping with me on Sunday, fo sho. Maybe I’ll put a picture up for you all to consider.
Not sure what internetz over the weekend is going to be like so you may have to wait until my return on Sunday evening before you hear from me again. Tonight I will be busy packing and also swooning over the delicious Mr Cumberbatch in instalment 2 of Parade’s End. Fridays. Yes.

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