14 Nov
I can’t believe how little work I’ve done today. It’s that pre-holiday feeling. This must be why schools have half-days on the last day of term. My colleague who sits opposite me and basically does the more complicated and demanding version of my job, the offcuts of which I deal with when she’s not here, is not in today. My boss has not been in today. The colleague who sits on my left has been busy – and has now left, early, to go on holiday for two weeks. The rest of the office is about as formal as a monkey picnic in any case. The phone has rung about three times today. There was only 1 item I could do anything with in the post. No exciting parcels clunking around alarmingly to collect from reception (there was one, but it didn’t clunk). I’ve been trying really hard not to start anything new, because it doesn’t seem worth it given I’m going away. I’ve been working here 6 weeks – that’s the same amount of time I interned last summer at the Museum of English Rural Life. I feel like I deserve a looooooong holiday and I suspect I will come back feeling cheated of that. But never mind. Today I am happy happy happy.
What, you may ask, have I been doing all day, then? Well, my pretties, I have been busily engaged, ohoh yes. This morning I was caught in rather a flurry of communications about the arrangements for a wedding I am going to (as an usher, no less!) in September. I am very excited about this wedding because I ❤ Adam and Alice. However, I am less than fully enthusiastic about getting there. It is in Wales. Wales is a long way from Cambridge. Wales has the advantage of having beautiful castles in which to host joyous events, as on this occasion. But it also has the disadvantage of being freaking unreachable. Anyway. These matters are being slowly fed through the churning cogs of deliberation and will emerge as fine as fine can be. So all will be well. Then I will have to decide whether it is worth me buying a new dress/outfit generally, or whether I should just spruce up a previous one. I am tempted to go for a biker-jacket and boots look with my summer-wedding dress. Not sure if this will be appreciated in an usher. Cannot make decision until I know how much just getting to Wales is going to cost me, as it could be enough to preclude new outfits and indeed, all fun things until next paycheck.
But that only occupied me for a small part of the morning. I have also written some emails, in line with my maintenance of title ‘socialite queen’ (lol). I have also been writing. Writing feverishly. Yesterday I was finally hit with the plot idea for which I have been waiting since I was about 12. Naturally I started writing straight away. I looked at it again this morning and refined it. Then I realised that in order to expand this fully, I should (and could, for a change!) write a plan, a character list, a sequence of events etc in order to actually form the basis around which a story might develop. This made my morning and most of my afternoon absolutely fly by. It has occurred to me that it could be a novel – probably – but it could also be a screenplay – possibly. This is exciting.
Of course it may well turn out to be just one more in the sequence of half-started projects that are lurking on the hard drive of my laptop. It may be dead in the water after I’ve been away for a week, especially if I’m spending that week thinking about poetry and whatnot.
Whatever. I’ll keep you posted. You can expect a break from my relentless blogging while I’m away, but I’ll be right back at you, have no fear, when I return to work on 28th August.

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