14 Nov

Two whole days of the week gone and no blog post. I know what you’re thinking. Maybe I’ve been busy. As a matter of fact, although yesterday was a bit on the slow side, I didn’t even have time for a cup of tea this morning. Many many things to package and ship to exotic locations. And this afternoon – I was building hardware. I love that job. It’s really cathartic. It’s like being paid to build identical lego houses (and my lego houses were always identical in any case. I’d stop building them if I ran out of a particular brick colour). So, yes, I suppose I have been busy. Well! You can’t expect a complete monopoly over me. I have things to do, y’know.

My weekend in Ox was fabulous. I went to the Gladstone link and read 2 more chapters of a book on translation and Modernism. I met Alison and Jonathon for the big reveal of the new office (it’s cute. It has many bookshelves. I am jealous). We ate brownies. For the record, they were probably the best ones I’ve ever made. Ommnomnom. We had a looooong talk about what I’ve been reading and how I’ve been getting on and where I’m at with research etc. Alison said she was ‘proud’ of me for how much progress I’ve made (*squee*). I described my job. We agreed that Masters programs could and should be looked into. We have a plan for next time. In short, the reception of Catullus is moving on up. Hooray!

The rest of the weekend I spent with Tom and Laura, visiting their new houses – Tom’s is very student-y but quite nice in comparison with where we lived in 2nd year; Laura’s is absolutely adorable but a long way from town. We also spent some time in good old Exeter House before Tom cleared the rest of his stuff out, bumping into a few familiar faces en route (like Sam H, my erstwhile college father, who is returning after a year of teaching for his Ancient History M.St). On Sunday morning we made pancakes. Laura and I consumed most of a jar of Nutella but it was so worth it. We also went for a drive (I know, right), stopping off at a cute little village just past Kidlington, where we went for a walk along the canal and stopped off for a drink at a pub before I returned to Ox and to the X5.

Socialising with people one’s own age does wonders for the soul. I had been feeling absolutely miserable but I think September might turn out to be really quite bearable. And then before you know it, there’ll be another paycheck in the bank and winter will be on it’s way. I love this time of year. I can’t wait for the transition back to woollies, boots and scarves. I was definitely born to live in a Siberian climate.

Til the next time – toodles!


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