14 Nov
Today I went down to reception to pick up a parcel, as I tend to be asked to do. It was addressed to someone in the office who doesn’t usually receive parcels, and it was quite large and more than usually heavy. I stomped my way through the corridors with it, up the three flights of stairs to the office (I could take the lift, but how am I ever going to get toned legs if I don’t make some effort?) and put it on the recipient’s desk. It had been clunking alarmingly all the way. Given that we deal with a lot of very valuable electronic goods this was slightly concerning to me. I watched the package with some trepidation from my own desk, while I was pretending to do some work.
When the mystery package’s addressee returned to the office a little while later, he looked at the large, well-sealed box and exclaimed ‘aha! I know what this is’. He then picked it up and SHOOK it. I winced a bit. He sliced open the box with a pair of scissors and pulled out – a boule. And another. There were a couple of boxes of them, in fact, and little holders to go with them. He said ‘look, it’s a boule grid array’. That’s a technological joke. A Ball Grid Array is a type of chip that goes on a circuit board, and it’s basically the reason that the company I work for exists. Hilarious. Anyway, he seemed very pleased to have received his boules and has put them away to take home.
That’s my job. Boule-ferrier, Booker of Meeting Rooms, Corrector of Grammar.
It’s not even 3pm yet so I may have more to say before the day is out. ‘Til then, may your boules land close to your jack and may your semicolons be correctly placed. Adieu.

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